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Survive not only being hunted by other players, but also an endless horde of the living dead.

When outside of towns, zombies will be attracted to you. Some areas have a particularly high zombie population. If you need a break, you can always go back to towns for safety. Safety from the zombies, that is. Players know no such kindness.

Other than a sawed off shotgun with two loaded shells you respawn with, you must find your own gear. You can kill and loot other players or earn your own by looting containers. Work together if you trust your friends enough to have your back. ATVs are a common occurrence in the landscape and can offer very fast transportation at the expense of being noticed. Currently ATVs respawn on their own in set locations.

Your scoreboard keeps track of how many zombies you have killed, under the score column. If you die, your score resets. If you are killed by a player, your score is added to theirs. When you obtain 300 points you can call in a contestable air drop. Look out for audible sirens that signal incoming air drops.

>>Tier 1 loot: Wooden crates. These are most abundant inside towns. These contain all the items you need to start making moves against the undead and if you're skilled enough, maybe other players.

>>Tier 2 loot: Metal drums. You will need to move out of the relative safety towns provide to find these. Search along treacherous roads for loot you will need to get ahead of the curve.

>>Tier 3 loot: Military style metal crates. Highly sought after and hard to find. In these you will find what you need to dominate anything that moves.

>>Air drop loot: When you have at least 300 points, use any pay phone located within any town and reap your reward after it falls from the sky. Players that successfully contend for this special crate can loot it twice for two very *tacti-cool* weapons. You may call in another when the current air drop has been looted.

Design by DSalimander
Scripting by il Primo
What we do comes from a passion for our work, but server hosting and asset packs cost money. If you like what you've experienced and want more, donating would really help!